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2/15/24: Hi!! Updating the site 6 months later. Opening up commissions so that page is finally being finished

8/28/23: Fixed up the art pages, you can go back now! I just have the sketch page left. I want to redo my splash page.

8/23/23: It's been about a month since working on this? Maybe a little less? I touched up some of the images that weren't displaying- I'd reorganized everything into new folders a while back and it messed some things up. Added some 88x31 stuff to the misc page finally! Hoping to add some of my favorite websites there eventually.

7/21/23: I added an art page yesterday! I'm not done yet and everything is looking rough. Not sure how to actually organize the images. space evenly just makes everything look weird

7/16/23: I'm not entirely sure about my website. It just feels a little.. lackluster. I'm thinking I can just hotlink my artwork into the gallery, which will be its own separate page without a sidebar. I don't like how my 'about' page looks either but whatever. Also thinking about adding a chatbox or guestbook, but I am not sure where to put it.

7/15/23: status.cafe account was registered, so I can display that in the about now. All the major stuff is done besides the gallery, which I'm not sure what to do with. I want it to be like a popup that you can click through, but I'm not sure how to go about that.